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2014 Class Schedule

(all classes are $225 per dog)

Advanced Class 1/7/14-2/25/14

Puppy/Beginner Class 4/1-5/6

Intermediate Class 5/27-7/1

Advanced Class 7/22-9/9

Puppy/Beginner Class 9/30-11/4


Basic Class Description

All classes Tuesday evening 6:30 – 7:30 pm

Puppy Class—minimum age 16 weeks—no max age, skill level be-ginner, will learn basic commands of sit, down, stay, come and heel. Class is 6 weeks long. Each night will consist of 15 minutes of play, 30 minutes of class and end with 15 minutes of play. Class max = 7; duration of class = 6 weeks

Intermediate Class—minimum age 6 months, must have basic understanding of 5 basic commands, will add in 1 minute sit/down and distance commands. Each task will be taught to be done on one command with treat reward. This class will begin each night w/15 minutes of play and 45 minutes of class. Class max = 7; duration of class = 6 weeks

Advanced/Adult Class—minimum age 12 months, dog must possess proficient understanding of all basic commands and must be sta-ble enough to proceed to reward training with no treats. All tasks to be done on one command, no training collars, loose leash heel, 3 minute sit/down stay. Class culminates in AKC Canine Good Citizen certification. Max class = 8, minimum class size = 4, duration of class = 8 weeks