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About Paws

About Paws in TimeAbout Paws in Time

After ten years of training dogs professionally, Julie Nelson noticed that a basic need was not being filled in many dogs’ lives. While all owners want the best for their dogs, today’s busy lifestyle doesn’t always allow for dogs to just be dogs—running, playing, sniffing, and exploring. In late 2002, Julie decided to fill this need by opening Paws In Time.

Beginning in a small building in Batavia, Paws In Time quickly outgrew its facility, but Julie wanted more for the dogs than just more space. Her vision included boarding facilities and grooming services. In November of 2005, the doors opened at the current West Chicago facility, with 20,000 square feet of combined indoor/outdoor space for a growing clientele of vigorous, happy dogs. This facility offers ample space for boarding, including thirty four single sleeping rooms and seven luxury suites, and even a full-service Doggie Day Spa.

Stop by today to see this wonderland for dogs for yourself!