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1/6/15 on Yelp

We were reaching the end of our rope with our 8 month old Lab. Julie said to bring him in and we wouldn’t regret it. He was so tired after a great day of playing, he slept like a baby. Facility was huge, clean and Julie really cared about our boy! Great day for him, great night for us! Highly recommended!

Mission Accomplished! A tired puppy after a day at Paws in Time Oswego


Mission Accomplished! A tired puppy after a day at Paws in Time Oswego


12/11/14 on Yelp

We love Paws in Time! We hired Julie to train our puppy Mika. She suggested doggie day care and we were somewhat skeptical.

Our little puppy was extremely scared of people and other dogs. Julie assured us that this would be a good thing for her to take her to doggie daycare. On her first visit at daycare, she was scared in the corner for about 15 minutes. After that she was running around playing with all of the other dogs there.

Mika has had 4 visits to daycare now and she loves going! She runs around and plays all day, when she gets home she is so wore out she pretty much sleeps all evening & night!

After taking Mika there for daycare, she is much more calm at home and her play activities with us have changed quite a bit. She is no longer trying to aggressively bite us, and she seems to have a totally different temperament around us now. She is just a really good puppy to be around now. Before her visits at Paws in Time, she was a handful at home!

I highly recommend daycare for your dog, they need time to be a dog and run and play!


Mika after a day of playing at daycare.


10/15/14 on Yelp

I’d give this place 10 stars if I could!! We’ve used them for boarding, daycare and grooming for about 4 years and just keep getting happier and more impressed. We recently had to put one of the dogs down and Julie the owner walked me thru the process and even kindly offered to go with me. When I got sick and had to go out of town for several months for treatment they cared for our dog Ginger incredibly- they sent me weekly Facebook photos and videos of her happily playing! These people LOVE dogs and the dogs can tell. Ginger can’t wait to get there each time we drop her off! The place really is a resort for dogs. They play with your dogs all day and the dogs play with each other all day. Ginger has more fun there than at home, lol. If you love your dog and want to know it’s in good hands and love a well-run business than this is the place for you!


8/24/14 on Yelp

Just picked up our two doggies from here after a two night stay, and we are very pleased! The dogs came back happy and exhausted (which we love, means they had a great time in daycare!)!

We left them with a bunch of dog food and 2 bully bones, and got one bully back and a bunch of their leftover food. Awesome considering another place we boarded at never gave us anything back which we found suspicious.

Two 10 lb dogs were in the 4’x4′ “spa” room (nice kennel), and it was perfect. We never use kennels, but these weren’t really kennels. They were more like a tiny little room kind of. One of the suites would have been too large and overwhelming for our sized dogs.

Extremely pleased, and staff is super sweet and very organized.

Also, my dog’s Bordatella expired a day before drop off, and they provided the shot in house! They sent updated Bordatella registration to our vet. Awesome!

Thanks Paws In Time! We will be back!!

P.s. They also have a shuttle service for pick up/drop off that goes far out! We live by Elburn, and they go all the way to Sycamore!


2/12/14 On Yelp

We love this place. As in, we drive 30 minutes extra minutes in the morning twice a week to bring our dog here-love. Our dog has never been so happy to visit a daycare and we have never felt more comfortable leaving him somewhere. The staff is wonderful, friendly and takes the time to really get to know all the dogs. I highly recommend their day care or boarding services. You will not be disappointed!


12/30/13 On Yelp

Love Paws In Time

I highly reccomend Paws In Time for daycare, boarding or training. The staff is fantastic – you can tell they care about all the dogs that stay with them. I use the daycare services once or twice a week – my dog comes home tired and happy every single time.


12/15/13 On Yelp

We love sending our two huskies to Paws! The staff is amazing- I don t know how they can remember every dog s name, but it does make me feel really good that they recognize ours even when we walk in! We feel welcomed, everyone is friendly and professional. I know that our dogs are in great hands, the place is very clean, our dogs are safe and are well taken care of. Best part- they are tired and well socialized when we pick them up. I cannot say enough great things and thank them enough, they have given us such great peace of mind! A HUGE thank you to the staff of Paws in Time- we love sending our pups!


12/14/13 On Yelp

I am so thrilled that I found Paws In Time for my Scottish Terrier. I thought for sure that she might be too small, but found out quickly that it goes by temperament not size! She fits in great and loves it at Paws. Always tired and happy when she goes home. I love that I can take her for daycare and then get her groomed too. Just saves so much time and they do a great job on a cut that is not easy. I have also had her boarded too. It just takes all the stress away from me when I go out of town as I know she is so happy and well cared for at Paws. Thank you Paws In Time !


12/05/13 On Yelp

I have a beagle (Morgan) that is just over a year old and she started going to Paws In Time at a very young age – and she has loved every minute of it. There are a few places that we drive to when she knows where we are and Paws is one of them. As we enter the driveway she excitedly stands up, looking out the window, wagging her tail – she can’t wait to get out of the car and start playing with her friends. When we pick her up she hops in the car and then catches up on some rest after playing all day. I’ve used their services for day care and boarding and Morgan has always been taken care of, which makes the thought of her well being not a concern at all. They’ve administered medication when necessary and even trim her nails after receiving my permission. As a dog owner there are times I wish that Morgan could talk and tell me her thoughts; those wishes are always strongest after picking her up at Paws In Time because I know she would go on and on about who she played with and what she did each day and night. I’ll give Paws In Time five stars since that is the max and Morgan will give Paws as many paw prints as possible. SHE LOVES IT THERE!!!!

PTMikey25 from Google Review

11/30/13 On Yelp

I liked it here. They were careful with all the dogs, and it was very clean. My dog dosen’t like to be away from me, but after this place he’s getting better!

Kim in Naperville