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11/30/13 On Yelp

Paws in Time is a wonderful place. They have outdoor and indoor facilities for the dogs. They can go in and out as they please in a large, safe, fenced area. The inside is air conditioned in the summer. My dog loves it there and the staff (inside and outside) are great with the dogs and are very courteous and professional. Besides daycare they offer boarding, shuttle service, pet sitting, veterinary services and grooming. We’ve boarded our Pepper dog with them and they give the dogs top notch care. They are open on Saturdays too. Even if we had a fenced yard Pepper would still go there for socialization and fun.

Leslie in Wheaton

11/29/13 On Yelp

My devil dogs love this place. I’ve been taking my dogs here for about 6 years now. I used to drop my male off every friday when I worked in the area. Now even though we can’t have them go as often as i’d like, I still drive 1/2 an hour to get them there.

They always come home exhausted and are well behaved for 2 days afterwards.

They always look great when they’re groomed, (smell good too!).

I’ve also boarded them- they were awesome at making room when I had my baby to board my dogs (i had given them a heads up a few weeks earlier but still).

Margaret in Aurora, IL

11/28/13 On Yelp

I took my black lab mix here for 2+ years when I commuted from Chicago out to Batavia. He usually required about 45 minutes to an hour of walking a day when I didn’t take him here and can legitimately say I barely had to walk him on the days he went here since he would come back home (hesitatingly as he didn’t want to leave) exhausted. I only did take him here for the daycare but can definitely say the staff was very friendly and efficient (as well as being great at familiarizing the owners to the pet names). Having this place as an option to drop off my dog made work much easier for me knowing he was having a great time versus stuck at home wondering when I’d be back!

Brad B.