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Paws in Time: TrainingAt Paws In Time, we offer you three different types of training: private in-home sessions, group classes, and a customized board-and-train program. The type of training you choose depends on your lifestyle and what you want to accomplish with your dog. All training is conducted by our founder, Julie Nelson.


In-home Training

The original basis for Paws In Time’s existence is the first type of training offered, private in-home training. Julie recognized the need for a dog daycare facility because of her experiences with dogs in people’s homes.

With in-home training, you are very much involved in training your dog, and we will customize the lessons to focus on you and your dog’s needs. For the very youngest of puppies, we can work to get that young pup going in the right direction regarding basic behavior and obedience, before bad behaviors have had time to set in. Julie will work with you and your dog on such things as not jumping on guests when they come into your home, as well as chewing and potty training, plus basic obedience commands such as Sit, Down, Stay, Heel, and Come. This training is also very effective in correcting behavioral issues once they have taken hold and are causing havoc in your home.

This training involves a commitment of personal time on your part, as Julie will come to your home five times. The first visit is for one hour and the remaining four visits are for half an hour each time. It’s a good idea to round out this training with time spent in daycare, as most dogs also benefit from time spent with other dogs in a play environment.

Please call for information on pricing.


Paws in Time: TrainingThe second form of training offered at Paws In Time is group classes. The classes are held generally on Tuesday nights and are limited to seven people and their dogs. Julie teaches three different classes at this time: a beginner/puppy class, which lasts for six sessions, an intermediate class lasting six sessions and an advanced class which consists of eight sessions.

The beginner class starts with fifteen minutes of socialization, in which all of the young dogs are allowed to play while being supervised. This is very important to young, developing dogs as they begin to work on their social skills with other dogs. Then we put the dogs on their leashes and begin to work. During the six classes, we cover the five basic obedience commands of Sit, Down, Stay, Heel, and Come. Julie focuses on visual commands and positive reinforcement.

The intermediate class is a great follow-up to the beginner class. We will continue to work on the basic commands while adding in more distractions and slightly more work time during class. We begin each class with 15 minutes of play and then we work for 45 minutes. This class will last for a total of 6 sessions. While this is a perfect “next step” after the beginner class, it is also a nice introduction to the advanced class.

The advanced level class focuses on the ten elements contained in the AKC Canine Good Citizen program designed to teach responsible dog ownership in society. We make the assumption that all of the dogs in the class already have a solid understanding of the basic obedience commands and are able to heel fairly well on leash, and we work to make the dog perform all commands without any treats and with no training collars. At the end of the eight-week session, you are ready to take the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen certification. Assuming that you and your dog pass the test, this is a very good starting place if you are interested in doing any further work in becoming a therapy dog team.

The advanced class is very demanding on both the handler and the dog. We ask that only one person handle the dog throughout the entire eight-week training period, as it is important to maintain continuity throughout the group. During each session, you will be asked to handle each of the dogs in the group while your dog will be asked to work with every handler in the group. This helps strengthen your dog’s response to universally given commands and will help to break his/her dependence on one handler. Please call for class pricing and to sign up.

Board and Train

Paws in Time: TrainingWe also offer a highly customized board-and-train program where your dog stays at Paws In Time for a minimum of three weeks to receive personal training from Julie. This service is primarily intended for people who want their dog trained and sent back to them as a “new” dog. During your dog’s stay with us, he/she will stay in a kennel and join the other dogs in daycare every day. Additionally, Julie will work with your dog to cover the training issues you set out for her. For the most part, our clients use this type of training to cover basic obedience issues while applying the one rule of dog training that many people lack at home—consistency. While staying with us, your dog will live in a very consistent world of work and play. Julie will be the one person working with your dog every day, while the entire staff of Paws In Time is involved in reinforcing the commands Julie is teaching as they handle your dog throughout the day. This form of training is very effective for dogs who are at least six months of age. Please call for pricing details.